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Reggie Long

About Reggie

When I began training at the age of 36, I had suffered from severe migraines since the age of five and had been on medication until then. Diagnosed with pancreatitis, I weighed about 150 pounds. Upon admission to the hospital, my weight dropped to approximately 135 pounds. Medical professionals informed me that it would take around two years to regain any semblance of normal physical condition. Believing in my body's potential for improvement, I enlisted the help of a trainer. Within two months, he had me weighing in at 160 pounds, surpassing any weight I had ever reached before. At that moment, I became enamored with training.

During this period, there were no certifications available. A doctor I was collaborating with inquired if I was familiar with individuals such as Bob Goldman or Ron Klatz from the Sports Medicine Academy. Subsequently, I was introduced to the Academy and actively participated in establishing the certification program. I successfully obtained my certification in 1991 as part of the inaugural certification class.

My involvement extended to the initiation of the Natural Bodybuilding shows for N.P.C. Alongside this, I engaged in powerlifting and collaborated with professional boxers, hockey players, and basketball players. Altogether, this encapsulates approximately 40 years of personal training.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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