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Lateral Fitness is the first of its kind in the Gold Coast / River North area. It is a full-amenity, walk-up, boutique studio located at 314 West Superior in Chicago, IL. Lateral Fitness has many of Chicago’s top personal trainers, Pilates instructors, physical therapists, massage therapists, TPI certified golf coaches, Muscle Activation Technique specialists, health and wellness practitioners, and endurance and nutrition coaches who are extremely passionate about fitness education and knowledge.


Since 2013, our owner, Erik Marthaler, has been crafting this upscale and clean environment where everyone, no matter their fitness level or age, feels welcome. Erik continues putting together a well-versed team of health and wellness professionals, all with different niches at Lateral Fitness in order to care for all your fitness and health needs.

“Trainers listen to what I want and how MY body is reacting so I can have a rockin’ workout and still be able to walk the next day.”

— Wade C. Chicago, IL

“Training Lateral” is a style of training that takes the “think outside of the box” approach - solving problems to attain goals creatively and indirectly. Accomplishing these fitness and health results require processes that may not be immediately obvious and involve ideas that may not be obtainable through conventional step-by-step logic.

Lateral Fitness’ team loves using progression (baby-step approach) when personal training and will integrate progression into each of its client’s programs. Whether it is a person’s diet, weight loss program, endurance training plan or even rehabilitation, using a “periodization process” approach to help you as a client to achieve your goals more efficiently and systematically. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither was your body.

The team at Lateral Fitness has committed its life to helping people reach their goals regardless of size and ability. Whether your goal is to run your first marathon or just to feel better throughout a normal day…Train Lateral.

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