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John Beale

About John

John Beale specializes in both one-on-one personal training and teaching group classes. His goal is to always have a better understanding of the body and how it works.

He has been quoted as an absolute motivator and one who gets his clients results. John wants his clients to be able to have the necessary tools that they can take with them no matter where they are or where they go. He tailors the exercises to the strengths and abilities of his clients, while also working on areas of improvement such as form and strengthening of the muscle groups.

With over 8 years experience in the fitness industry, John knows and understands the way the body functions and works helping him to better assist his clients.

This is your beginning journey to a healthy life.

John's certifications:
AAS Human and Health Performance MCC College
Certified Fitness Instructor Training
NASM Certified – National Academy of Sports Medicine
Kinesiology Degree from MCC

Helping you to create a healthier you: Body, Mind and Soul.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.


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