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Erik Marthaler

About Erik

Erik Marthaler, the owner of Lateral Fitness, boasts over 20 years of experience in the fitness world. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Science, with a focus on Kinesiology: Exercise Science and Fitness from Illinois State University, in addition to multiple fitness and nutrition certifications.

As a highly experienced trainer and coach, Erik has extensively collaborated with diverse clients seeking training for post-surgery rehabilitation, pre and post-natal care, cardiac rehab, fitness show preparation, Multisport (sprint to Ironman) athletes, and, most importantly, individuals aiming for a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to training the body, Erik employs a Periodization style of training and a systematic approach to customize each client’s training program, catering to beginners as well as elite athletes. Recognizing that each individual is unique with specific goals, asymmetries, and neuromuscular issues, Erik's success lies in tailoring programs to help clients not only reach but also exceed their physical goals.

As an elite athlete, Erik has qualified for the Team USA Triathlete and Duathlete team since 2009, securing multiple podium wins as a multisport athlete and earning the title of the 2013 Mid-East Regional Duathlete Champion.


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