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Titleist Performance Institute Golf Biomechanics

Elevate your golf game by tapping into the transformative world of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). From weekend warriors to Tour pros, TPI has delved deep into the golfing universe since 2003, accumulating a wealth of insights from players of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels.

Unlock the secrets of a top-notch golf swing with TPI's exclusive 'TPI Certified' program, a brainchild of founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, backed by a team of 52 industry experts. Dive into the five unique fields of study – Golf, Medical, Fitness, Power, and Junior Development – and join the 19,000 TPI Certified pros worldwide on a mission to elevate golfers of every skill level.

Ready to enhance your performance on the golf course? Consult with our TPI-certified professionals for a personalized plan, integrating targeted strength and mobility training. Uncover how your body's unique dynamics can directly translate into improved swings, longer drives, and pain-free rounds. Take the casual approach to boosting your golf prowess – your swing will thank you!

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