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Martin Kimpston


Personal trainer and MAT specialist, Martin Kimpston (NSCA-CPT, MAT) has been working in the fitness industry for 17 years, helping men and women find a way to exercise that's both enjoyable and beneficial for their muscles. With strong and nimble joints, his clients gain confidence to pursue new fitness endeavors and body movements, those of which they might not have been able to explore before. His message is simple: if your muscles aren't working, you need to find a better strategy, and often, MAT training can help.

His passion for wellness, physiology, and exercise began at an early age, where he increased his strength training and participation in sports, namely football and track, to improve his personal health and performance. After achieving a college scholarship for sports, he was heavily active on campus and encountered his fair share of ups and downs due to injury and soreness. While he tried to self-heal through stretching and contractive measures, it wasn't enough: there had to be a more reliable, sustainable strategy to correct the muscles and boost agility.

Martin went on to discover the missing link, and chose to work as a fitness specialist after graduation. By way of both his curious nature and his direct interest within the industry, he quickly ascended to a personal trainer position at the company, whereby he experienced hands-on training and learned more about the individualized approach to exercise and muscle contraction. Martin went on to become the Fitness Director of a major health club in Chicago, and while he continued to meet with clients, he also chose to undergo subsequent education to further enhance his skills. After stumbling upon Muscle Activation Technique, he was immediately hooked: this next chapter in his life has encompassed 6 years now, taking his training abilities to a whole new level.

By focusing on the principles of MATTM to improve the contractile capabilities of muscles, Martin has been able to provide his clients with greater insight into their body mechanics and individualized strategies to help them find ease in their daily lives. By decreasing tightness and pain, his clients can enjoy recreational activities, such as tennis or a morning run, and feel comfortable moving about the office or picking up groceries. Together, they boost overall performance, prevent injuries, and make room for pleasure in life's greatest moments.

Owner of Strictly Muscles, LLC
Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Specialist
National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer

Martin Kimpston